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Visitory platform collects travel data from multiple sources and creates comprehensive reports and infographics to show you your destionation's latest travel trends. The reports produced by the service summarize the key figures of tourism from different regions.

You can easily find all relevant travel indicators in one platform and share the information with your stakeholders. No need to waste time to gather data yourself, as figures are already here.

The tourism statistics of the service comprehensively contain statistics describing the development of tourism . The service includes e.g. accommodation statistics describing the supply and use of registered accommodation establishments and non-registered accommodation services (AirBnb and Vrbo), as well as information on prices and sales of these services.

In addition, Visitory contains e.g. social media and website statistics, customer satisfaction, number of events, traffic volume statistics and various tourism statistics. With the help of these figures, it is possible to study the impact of different measures or changes in the operating environment on the number of tourists.

To get more detailed information, you can use Visitory Dashboard to create own charts and find correlations between different statistics. The dashboard is a useful analysis tool for tourism developers and companies working in tourism industry.

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Tourism Research

We conduct ongoing research and respond to customer needs with tailored research projects. With years of experience, we select cost-effective methods to produce reliable and customer-focused research information.

Ongoing Research Studies:

  • Foreign and Domestic Travelers:

    Our panel research gathers data on the travel activities of Finnish residents. In collaboration with Visit Finland, Statistics Finland, and Norstat, we also collect information from foreign travelers within Finland.

  • Tourism Employment and Income:

    We calculate direct and indirect tourism income and the number of jobs it creates in each municipality and province by using a variety of statistics, our own research data, and a method that combines traveler surveys with the financial information of companies. All results are comparable across different areas

  • Carbon Footprint:

    We assess the carbon footprint of tourism at the municipal, sub-regional, and regional levels, covering both domestic and international tourists. Our calculations include the journey to the destination, accommodations, and restaurant services within the destination.

  • Destination Attractiveness:

    We measure region's attractiveness by surveying the most interesting travel destinations in Finland, with 12,000 respondents annually. We compare destination's appeal with that of other regions and municipalities.

Examples of Other Research Studies:

  • Customer Journey

  • Local Attitudes Towards Tourism

  • Tourist Potential from Different Countries of Origin

  • Customer and Visitor Segments

  • Customer and Visitor Satisfaction

  • Event Visitor Survey

For more information contact us at research@visitory.io .


Our team of experienced consultants bring together an extensive experience in the tourism sector and a profound understanding of reliable research methodologies. Due to our long history in tourism research, we are a leading expert organization in the field, and our understanding of the principles of the tourism industry is top-notch.

At the heart of our consulting approach is a dedication to promoting innovation and fostering sustainable growth for our clients in the tourism industry. We understand the unique dynamics of the industry, from tourist profiles to emerging travel trends, and we tailor our strategies to ensure that our clients stay ahead.

Whether you are a provider of accommodation services looking to expand your business in new markets, a destination development organization seeking to attract more visitors, a travel service provider adapting to the latest travel trends, or a media representative in need of reliable data for your article, we are here to answer all your questions. Book your time to discuss with our consultants.


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