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The most recent figures for certain sources in the service are always preliminary. When we receive a new package of data for the service, it is very likely that the figures for the previous months have also been updated. The most common reason for the change of prior information is that some of the accommodation establishments have only provided data for Statistics Finland after the deadline. The data can be updated for months to come.

One of the most important things about statistics is privacy, whether it is a private individual or a business. In Finland, the matter is defined in the Statistics Act (Statistics Act, Chapter 3, Section 10). Therefore, it is not possible to obtain the names of these companies.

The information in the service is available by countries. Next, the division is done at the provincial level, then at sub-regional level and finally at the community level (There are also some exceptions). If there is no data available for your location, the most common reason is the lack of accommodation establishments, which are large enough to be required to report their data, or a limited amount of these establishments, in which case they are not reported for privacy protection.

In Finland, establishments, which have at least 20 beds or caravan lots with electric connection point, are included in the 'official' accommodation statistics provided by Statistics Finland.

RevPAR (Revenue per available room) is establishment's average income per available room. It is calculated as: room average price * room utilization. For Airbnb, RevPAR only includes whole residencies and does not include residencies where only a room or a shared room was rented.

We update data as soon as we get it. Some data we get almost instantly, but for some statistics, there is usually a 2-6 week delay from the data providers, depending on the source.

While conducting tax free shopping there is an intermediate company providing the refund whereas with invoice shopping the VAT refund is done by the store once the goods are proven to been exported out of the EU.

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