Accommodation and Travel Stats

August 2019


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Key indicators

Bed nights



Travel key indicators: the darker the square the larger the value.

Dark squares in the middle (vertically) mean the main season is in the summer. Dark squares on the top and the bottom mean the main season is in the winter. Gradually darkening squares from left to right signify growth over the years.

It is important to notice that the largest values (darkest squares) are not necessarily during the same months between different stats as this might reveal interesting details about travel and accommodation trends.



Registered bed nights

Bed nights by country of arrival

3,300 air travelers

The airport received a total of 3,300 passengers, which means air passenger arrivals increased 27 percent.

Of local passengers, 0.0 % arrived from abroad, thus the share of domestic passengers was 100.0 %.

In addition, there were 3,500 passengers departing the airport (+20.0 %), therefore the total number of trips via the airport was 6,800 (+23.3 %).

Arriving passengers (excl. transfers)

Arriving passengers from

Passengers on transfers from

Departing passengers to

Ferry arrivals from different harbors

Tax free sales -27.4 %

Tax free sales decreased 27 percent from the previous year.

(Russians -30.6 %)

Registered accommodation sales

Average registered room price (ADR)

Registered room utilization for establishments

Website's user sessions by language

Hotel customer satisfaction

Average customer satisfaction score on Booking.com given by hotel customers in August was 8.78/10.

Hotel customer satisfaction by nationalities

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