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August 2023

Registered bed nights

Registered bed nights by country of arrival

Amount of domestic visitors was 518,000

In August 2023, 518,000 domestic visitors were recorded in Järvenpää.

Between January and August, 3.8 million domestic visitors were recorded in Järvenpää.


Visitors by region

Visitors by city

Visitors by postal code

Visitor nights

Visitor nights by region

Ferry arrivals from different harbors

Average prices

= change at least 10 %
August 2023
Change jan-August 2023
Adr (Non-Registered) 95 € -12.8 % 94 € 2.7 %
Revpar (Non-Registered) 52 € -16.3 % 41 € -17.6 %

Registered accommodation sales

Non-registered accommodation sales

Average registered room price (ADR)

Capacity & Utilization

Airbnb and Vrbo

45 accommodation establishments (+22)
43 apartments (+22)
69 rooms (+36)

Apartment utilization 54.7 % (-2.3)
Unsold apartments 19

Registered room utilization for establishments

Key indicators

Bed nights



Travel key indicators: the darker the square the larger the value.

Dark squares in the middle (vertically) mean the main season is in the summer. Dark squares on the top and the bottom mean the main season is in the winter. Gradually darkening squares from left to right signify growth over the years.

It is important to notice that the largest values (darkest squares) are not necessarily during the same months between different stats as this might reveal interesting details about travel and accommodation trends.



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Sources: Airdna, Statistics Finland, Telia

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